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About Me - SrinivasanMy name is Srinivasan aged 57 and you could call me a budding online marketer. I love to be an online marketer (specifically affiliate) and the potential it has to offer, though I have not had a successful beginning since I started online 10 years ago (to be honest).

The online world could easily make or destroy your dreams because of the hypes and false promises and there are more people losing their hard-earned money than there are people making money. The statistics says 95% of the online marketers fail.

Here I am going to explain my journey before and after the online entry, how I am on the path to success as a budding online marketer and how you could also be the 5% successful online marketer.

My Story Before Entering Online

I was born in a middle class family and I was not the brightest student in my class. I managed to complete my schooling with decent grades. I was lucky to get into engineering and got into a job with an automobile major.

I decided that all my struggles in life ended and got married after 3 years in job and had a happy family with 2 children. The income was just sufficient to meet the basic needs of the family. I changed my jobs a few times with growth in income but the needs of the family also was increasing as the children grew up. There was no change in our lifestyle and I always kept promising my family with better vacations the next year.

I sincerely wanted to increase my earning potential and was looking for means to do so. I was new to computers and was fascinated about using google. Looking for making money on google I came across many programs asking to join to make good money online. That is when I online journey started.

First 2 Years Online

I joined a few programs showing me how to make money with adsense. It was a lot of work making websites, buying traffic. Had to keep track of how much money I was spending and how much I was making. I was not making more than a few $100 per month.

Decided to try other methods and spent money on different programs and always I had to keep investing on different tools. I only spent and I was hardly making anything. I decided to quit as it was draining my resources.

Re-entry To The Online World

My life style did not improve much and I was looking for opportunities. It was about 3 years back when I decided to get back to where I quit online. Thing were much different now.

There were more seasoned marketers and every one told that you need a mentor to be successful online. It was very expensive to get one-on-one coaching.

I was looking for programs which had group coaching, basically membership sites. They were still costing money, but I decided to join a few of them. I tried my hand at building Amazon affiliate site, E commerce sites. I worked hard building the sites (took a long time). At last, I made money, but not enough to change my lifestyle. There was no passive income.

I started jumping from program to program spending hard-earned money looking for the magic program. I became a victim of shiny object syndrome. Every new opportunity looked better than the other.

Now was the time for introspection. What the marketers were saying was true. 95% of Online marketers fail. I started to find out why and how the 5% people were successful.

This is when the realization came.

The Realisation

The successful marketers were sticking to one system and excelling in it. Well all programs looked good. What if I spent a lot of time on one program and did not succeed.

Now I was looking for the one program which would not fail me if I worked dedicated. Which was that one program / platform which I was looking for. I decided to list down all the desirable unique features and this is what I came up with.

I was looking for a platform which had these 10 features

  1. Existence for more than 10 years
  2. Large membership and growing
  3. All the latest training available
  4. Equipped with all the essential tools required
  5. Structured platform – easy to navigate
  6. Easy site building interface
  7. Dedicated founders
  8. Supporting community
  9. Good motivation system
  10. Good affiliate program

My Path To Success

Finally I found one program that not only fulfilled all the 10 features I was looking for but excelled in each one of them.

The platform is the WealthyAffiliate.com site and I am already falling in love with it. I decided my path to success is becoming a wealthy affiliate and I am in the process of creating my online assets for passive income.

My Mission With CreatingOnlineAssets.com

Reflecting on my online journey my prime agenda will be to show the right path to people, like me, to attaining financial freedom.

I understand how frustrating it can be when one does not have the means to provide the lifestyle his / her family deserves. I want to help all those people to move on the right path and attaining that freedom in the shortest time possible.

There are many like me who are aspiring to retire early to enjoy the life they have dreamed of. I want to help all those people to find the right path early in life so that their prime life is not wasted in working for somebody else.

Thank you for stopping by Creating Online Assets and reading my story. I invite all the people who are looking for a lifestyle change early in their life to join me in the path to success.

Let’s Create Online Assets together


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