Can You Make Money With Fiverr

Welcome to my blog. Today I am going to share with you another money making opportunity online. Can you make money with Fiverr? I will try to answer this question as best as possible and by the time you complete reading my post you should be in a position to make your decision of investing your time & effort in this opportunity. Let?s look at what is.

What is is one of the World?s largest online digital marketplace for digital services. It connects the freelancers and businesses and covers more than 250+ services. It was started in 2010 by Micha Kaufman and Shai Wininger to provide an opportunity for freelancers to sell and businesses to buy digital services doing businesses with online presence. All services cost $5 when it was started and hence the name.

The buyer paid upfront after placing the order to the selected freelancer and the money was paid to the freelancer after fulfillment of the order to the satisfaction of the buyer. This model has been working for the past 10 years now with the only difference that the cost of services is now fixed by the seller and is more than $5. Many startup businesses have benefited by this model and many freelancers have made a living by selling their services.

Understanding How Fiverr works

As a freelancer you have to create a listing of your work called as a ?gig?. While starting fresh you will be able to create up to 7 gigs. After you complete 10 orders you are upgraded to level 1 seller and you are allowed to create more gigs. These 7 gigs can be different skill sets for example Logo design, Postcard design, Banner Ad design, etc., if you are a graphics designer. As and when are able to get more orders you can increase the price of the gig.

Fiverr charges customers a $2 service fee on gigs up to $40 and a 5 percent flat service fee on gig orders that are more than $40. If you are a seller then 20% of every order you complete is deducted and then paid to you by Fiverr. You can then request withdrawal to your PayPal account.

Earning Potential

If you are just starting out you will be able to charge a low fee of $5 to $10 for your services that is the basic gig. As and when start getting more orders your earning potential can increase by increasing your gig cost, providing up sells and increasing the number of different services. I will discuss more on how to scale up to make more money in the coming sections.

Sellers who have been consistent in selling on Fiverr are making up to 500USD per month. More active sellers manage to make $1k to $2k per month. Top sellers make anything from $10k to $15k per month by selling high level gigs and becoming preferred sellers.

What Services You Can Sell

If you have some experience online, like building your blog, you would have by now gained some kind of expertise or skills in your areas of interest. Your skill set could probably fall in one of these categories which you can target to do some business at Fiverr.

Can You make Money With Fiverr - Services

Graphic Designer

If you are a designer and have enough experience creating graphics for your own online projects you can provide these as services. You may have acquired good skills in creating a Logo or creating an E-cover or a Banner Ad. There are many marketers who do not know how to make these designs by themselves and they are looking for people who can create a Logo or a Banner Ad for them for which they are willing to pay.

Digital Marketing

If you have developed your marketing skills you can offer services like Email marketing where you can create an email template or create a landing page for your client. If you are good at Facebook ads you can write ad copies or setup an ad for your client. If you are good at domain research you can offer services like finding awesome domains for your clients new project or set up a listing for selling domains.

Writing and Translation

This is one area where there is very good demand for quality sellers. If you have enough experience in writing blog posts you could offer services like writing a product review, or doing proofreading for a client?s article. Creative writing comes in handy when offering services like writing a sales copy or a press release. Researching and writing an e-book for a client is very lucrative. It takes time but can earn up to $200 per hour for writing articles and up to $5000 for a well written e-book in a popular niche.

Video & Animation

If your passion is video marketing then you can offer services like editing videos, creating intros and outros for clients. You can be a voice over artist which can fetch you good money. People are showing more inclination towards animation videos. If you have the right tools you can easily learn these skills and offer your services here. You can charge $100 to $500 per quality video creation.

It will be difficult for me to list all kinds of gigs that you can offer as it will become a very long list and that is not the purpose of my post. To find out more on the kind of services you can offer, just type the kind of services you are good at, in the search box for finding services and explore the gigs to see what kind of gigs other sellers are offering.

Can You make Money With Fiverr - Find Services

How to Get Started on Fiverr

After you have decided what kind of gigs you can post you need to create your account at which is free to join. Go to and press ?become a seller? as shown in the pic below.

Can You Make Money With Fiverr - Become A Seller

Then you simply enter your email address and press enter. You will have to enter your username and password. Activate your account from the message you will receive in your mail and you are ready to create your gig. [Image]

Doing Your Due Diligence

Before creating your gig there are some important steps you need to follow to be able to create a gig which attracts customers. You need to do some due diligence before venturing to create your first gig. It means you need to check out what is working in your area of interest. The steps you need to follow are as follows.

Conduct Research

Go around searching for gigs which are doing well in the topic of your expertise. Check how they have created their gigs, how the description is written, what are the keywords and tags used & how their profiles have been set up. See how you can also model your gig on the successful ones. No need to reinvent the wheel. You definitely want to add your own twist to maintain some originality.

Decide Your Price

Find out what others are charging for similar gigs. Overcharging will not get you orders and charging too little will undermine your skills and you will end up making too little money. See what people at different levels are charging and you will get a fair idea what you should charge. Understand the market as it will determine the price you will fix for your gig. A good strategy would be to charge less at the beginning and increase it step by step as you complete more orders and your level increase in Fiverr.

The Work You Will be Delivering

Understanding the work you will be delivering is very important as it will determine your capacity in fulfilling your order to the expectation of your customer in the stipulated time. Keep in mind how many orders you will need to work on in a given time frame. Fiverr works on a review based mechanism where your response time to the customer and the satisfaction of the customer is taken into consideration. Defining your work according to your capacity to respond in time will take you quickly to higher levels of income.

Can You Make Money With Fiverr - Gig Reviews

The Offer You are Creating

Check out what gig levels are being offered by other gigs like yours. You have to understand what you are going to offer in a similar way which will bring you orders as a seller and give suitable options for the customer. Make your different offers very clear giving your own unique options as shown in this example.

Can You Make Money With Fiverr - Compare Packages

Posting Your Gig

Now that you have done your due diligence and decided what exactly to offer you are now ready to create your gig in Fiverr. This will be just a fill in the blanks as you have already compiled all the data required. Just follow the steps starting with describing your gig in 80 characters.

Can You Make Money With Fiverr - Create Gig

Remember to use the keyword you are targeting in the description as this will get some ranking juice in the Fiverr search engine.

Promoting Your Gigs ? Scaling up

I want you to give special attention to the promotion part. Even though you have done your due diligence and created your gig please remember that there is a lot of competition and if you have to beat the competition you have to all you can to promote your gig.

I want to share a strategy which works very well and this is based on the SEO principle. This is using the keyword strategy similar to alphabet soup technique in google search. Similar to google search people search for services on the Fiverr search bar. When you type your keyword here Fiverr gives suggestions from which you can select the relevant service of your interest. These are based on searches buyers are making in Fiverr.

Can You Make Money With Fiverr - Alphabet Soup Technique

The best way to use this technique is to generate a list of related keywords which people are searching for. Enter your keyword followed by the letter a and note down all relevant keywords. Similarly do search for Keyword followed by b and so on till you finish with z.

Now you have a list of Keywords people are searching in Fiverr. From this list select 7 keywords which are most relevant to the offer you are making. Why 7 keywords? Because you can create up to 7 gigs initially, and you will be using one keyword per gig. Since we do not know the search volume for each of these keywords we need to test it out.

Now create 6 other gigs with one keyword each. Start with defining your gig using this keyword and use it in the tags. Depending on which gigs are converting more you can decide to keep them and delete the others.

Other strategies you can use for promoting your gig are

  • Posting the gig in social media. Facebook, twitter
  • Go to some forums related to your gig and answer some questions and put a link to your gig
  • Create a blog and do some reviews on gigs
  • If you have some experience with making videos, make video and post it to you Tube
  • Ask for reference from customers
  • Ask for your friends to make the first purchase

Put all your efforts in promoting your gig as getting initial traffic and sales is the toughest part.

Can You Make Money With Fiverr

YES you can! As I have mentioned, there are many sellers who are making a living on Fiverr. For making a full time income on Fiverr you need to create a large portfolio means you create gigs in different skill sets and become a top seller. To reach this level it requires dedication and lot of effort on your part. But with focused and sustained efforts you can reach there over time.

My Recommendation

Well I would say that if you have enough skill sets or willing to learn more skill sets and put in systematic efforts you can make it your full time income source.

The flip side is the competition is growing and you have to be aware of the competition and keep doing better. The other thing is this cannot be made into a Passive income stream as you have to remain active to keep your earnings steady and growing.


I hope this post has been useful for you to understand the process of making money with Fiverr irrespective of whether you want to make it your income stream or not. Please post you comments and questions if you have below and I will be happy to answer them.

If you are looking to create a true passive income stream and are looking for a comprehensive platform which can teach you all that you need to learn, provide all the tools and support of experts then you should read my complete review of the Wealthy Affiliate Platform.

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  1. This post is great because it is a way for people to earn money instantly using the skills that they already have, especially in these times when everyone is taking pay cuts. It is good to know that we can all be self-sufficient if we have to be.

    The only reason that I haven’t done any work offers on Fiverr is that my websites keep me so busy and I would rather be working on my own business that will pay me for years to come rather than work on someone else’s businesses that will only pay me once off

    • Hi Michel thank you for sharing your thoughts. Yes this is not a passive income. You have made a good choice to work for a long term passive income stream. 

  2. I have a friend who uses Fiverr to get some very good freelancing jobs. Honestly when I first heard about it, I thought that it was one of these scamming networks out there but now that you have shared it, I am very happy that you have the information. I like how you have shown us the income potential and breaking down the different jobs. This is very good.


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