How to Create a Passive Income Online

Learn How to create a Passive Income Online

?Start a new life, and pursue your wealth creation?

Hi Friends,

We are probably meeting for the first time, my name is Govindasamy Srinivasan and I have created this website.

I am happy we have met and we shall start our journey from here together to create our online assets. I have created this guide to help you get started and will continue to serve you at each step of your journey. No matter what your goals are you need a constant drive to keep your focus in achieving them.

About Me In Brief

I started my online journey 10 years ago in pursuit of earning an online income to help me retire early. It took me these long years to learn the right way to build a Passive income online. The journey was filled with bitter experiences.

I am now enjoying my work creating online assets to earn a sustained passive income which will take care of all my post retirement needs.

I want to shorten this learning curve for you and show you the right way to get started. There are plenty of people having success with this system.

  • Grace - Success Story
  • Hamish - Success Story
  • Heidi - Success Story
  • Paul - Success Story
  • Edward - Success Story

? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ??End your search here and build a passive income?

Glimpses of Unreal Claims

Have you ever come across ridiculous claims of making money online opportunities like these?

How to Create a Passive Income Online - Unreal Claims Online

Have you ever wished that these worked for you?

I have been a victim of such shiny objects. The use of such hyped claims is to make you spend money while somebody else gets rich.

If you have also been a victim of such claims or continue to be I urge you to stay away from it. You cannot make any real money out of these so called opportunities. Making money online is not as easy as they claim to be. Do you want to be scammed or want to be making real money online?

There are real money making opportunities available online. I research and review such methods in my site. Check out the reviews section of this site.?These require you to put in some efforts to learn & implement the strategies.

If you come across any method you want to know more and you don?t find it on my site send me a message and I will research it.

Recommend you to stay away from the opportunities such as mentioned in the above image.

Be Prepared to Work Hard

If your goal is to create a passive income online then you need to put in the hard work required to build one.

? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?There is no shortcut to success?

Any Business requires you to put in your efforts to make it stand. Fortunately for us there are tools, training & support that can help us build our business till we reach our goals. Are you ready to commit your time and effort on how to successfully create a passive online business? Here ?Passive? means you build through your efforts a real business, which will continue to churn revenue for you for a long time.

Once the online asset is built with your hard efforts it will turn into a passive income stream for you. From then on your are equipped with the skills to create many more such online assets.

Do not be Afraid of Failure

In my experience I have seen two ways of learning. One by experiencing failure yourself and avoid the same or similar mistakes in the future. The other is to learn from others mistakes which is the smarter way.

I personally prefer to learn from others mistakes. But unfortunately in the online world of affiliate marketing this does not work that way. You have to use both the ways of learning, as what works for others may not work for you.

Luckily for you I have the solution for this problem. This is where the recommendation from my experience will help you shorten your learning curve. You need to work with an online community of experienced affiliate marketers, who will train & guide you all the way to help reach your goals.

I was presented with such a training platform that is teaching me to create a passive online business. The mentors are guiding me at every step to put me in the right direction to keep me in sight of my goals. This affiliate training platform is creating life changing experience not only for me but for thousands of others like you and me.

If you miss this opportunity to be a part of this wonderful community, you may be losing a chance to start creating your passive income stream. I regret having not come across this training community 5 years back. I do not want you to regret 5 years later

What Next

I hope you are now convinced about this amazing opportunity to start creating your online assets from today.

8 thoughts on “How to Create a Passive Income Online”

  1. You know, you are actually right here when you say that we have to work hard to be able to make money online. The problem with many of us is that we tend to find the easy way out and that’s why we get scammed and conned of the little we have. I have been in that position before so I know how it feels but when we start looking at the possibilities of working for out money without thinking of easy ways, then things will get better. Nice post!

    • Hi Riley thank you for going through my post. I am happy that you found it useful. You are right. Have a systematic work plan and success will knock at your door.

  2. The willingness to.embrace work and to work hard in such a way that failure becomes afraid of the potentials of success is what defines anyone to make money. To be honest, this post you have shared here is massive and I like the post quite alright. It is very massive and broad to understand for me. To make passive income online, there is a need to have done the required efforts and create the solid foundation through which the business will stand on to thrive. Thanks

    • Thank you Ella for your appreciation.  I am happy you liked my post on creating a passive income online. Let me know if you have any questions.

  3. Making money online today for a newbie, you are exposed to so many chances of failing even if you have undergone some good training. There have been times where I have to close my blog because I didn’t get it right from the start and have to start over again, but that didn’t make me stop. Today, I’m making progress in my site and I hope to do better. I believe with the right mindset anyone would get their goals in their business if you make sure you are hard working 

    • Thank you Benson for your valuable points. You are absolutely right. Creating a passive income stream online will not take a long time if you have the right approach.

  4. Hey Govindasamy. This is such a lovely article. Great motivation for young entrepreneurs like us. Creating an online business business isn’t an easy task. It requires lot of work and dedication. What brings us down is failure. We think failing is the end of the world, where instead we’re supposed to be learning from those mistakes. 

    I like how you outlined how we shouldn’t be afraid of failure. And that there are no shortcuts to success. Those who say there are shortcuts are definitely scammers. We need to be educated about the online business we wish to pursue. Learn, and join a community to guide us all the way through.

    Thank you for making my day! 

    • Thank you for reading my post and liking it. Yes there is definitely no shortcut to success. People who understand this and work hard to build there business will be successful. I am happy I made your day.


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