How to Create Website from Scratch

Want to learn how to create website from scratch? I can show you how to.How to Create Website from Scratch - Website

Gone are the days when you must take a training course for two weeks to be able to create your website for your business or your personal blogging passion. Today there are many platforms available online which lets you create your website easily even if you?re a dummy. Newcomers are managing to create stunning websites. So, if you want to create your site today, follow these simple steps?


The Essential Characteristics of Your Website

Your website is your address online and you need to have a hosting account where all your web pages are stationed. People visiting your website should be able to load your website on to their browser hassle free and navigate through to read the content. To be able to perform this the essential characteristics your site should have are

  1. Speed of website loading
  2. Structure with an appealing look
  3. Visible links to navigate with ease around the website
  4. Efficiently managed content management system
  5. Quality content
  6. Mobile friendly

To efficiently create your website with all these characteristics you need to have a framework system which makes website management easy to implement. For all my websites I use a very efficient FRAMEWORK which is the WordPress and I recommend you use the same. Let me ask you, are you interested in creating a website completely for free? You can simply enter your site name and create your website for free, here at Wealthy Affiliate. Will show you later in this article the step by step process for creating your website.

How to Create Website from Scratch - Build my Website

Leveraging the Power of WordPress for Your Website

WordPress came into existence first in 2003 introduced to the world by two people who were co-founders Matt Mullenweg and Mike Little. Since 2003 WordPress has evolved as a powerful content management software with addon plugins (software) built around it. 35% of all websites built across the web use WordPress and is becoming popular among website builders.

Before WordPress, sites were built by people using HTML coding only and only people with special training could use it. Since the growth of WordPress, the knowledge of HTML coding is no longer necessary as it is all managed in the back end.

Today anyone can build websites using WordPress and it becomes still easier at Wealthy Affiliate training platform.

Advantages of using WordPress for Creating your Website:

  • Installation and setup are very user-friendly (done with one click at Wealthy Affiliate)
  • No Knowledge of HTML coding or advanced training required
  • 3000+ website templates to choose from
  • Up to 10,000 plugins with additional website functionality

Using the Wealthy Affiliate platform to build your website

  • Age range of users that have built sites at Wealthy Affiliate ? 8years?.97 years
  • Average time to build a website ? 34seconds
  • No. of hacking attempts defeated this year ? 27, 195,900
  • Average up time for websites ? 99.99%
  • Support available round the clock ? 24/7
  • Average support response time ? 1 minute
  • Community of users ready to help you at any time

I use WordPress for all my websites and after I joined Wealthy Affiliate, I build them within the wealthy affiliate website builder interface. It takes just one click. As promised, I am going to show you how you can create your website from scratch in a matter of minutes.


Want to Create Your Website for FREE…TODAY?

Just follow my step by step instructions below with illustrations and your website will be ready by the time you finish with this tutorial. Are you ready to take action now? If you are not willing to do the work, you will not get your website. Those who act now will get their free website today.

Follow the 3 steps to complete your website creation.

Step by Step Instructions to create your website.

My Profile: If you have not logged into your Wealthy Affiliate account yet go here. You can create your profile by clicking on your username and clicking on ?my profile?. We will now focus on the website creation.

How to Create Website from Scratch - Profile


Build A Website: Go to the Pencil icon on the top right and click it. You will see an option here showing ?Build A Website? Click here to start your website building process.How to Create Website from Scratch - Build a Website


Choosing Your Domain: This is your website address which will take people to your website. You have 3 choices here. Free Domain, Domain I Own & Register a Domain. We will choose the Free Domain option as we are building a free website here.

How to Create Website from Scratch - Free Domain


Entering Domain Name: Now enter the domain name (mydemosite) you have chosen. If it is available then the confirmation will be displayed ?Awesome it?s available!?. Do not include any space or dash in between the letters. If the name is not available, simply choose another name.How to Create Website from Scratch - Domain Name


Website title: Enter the title of your website. In my case it will be ?My Demo Site?.How to Create Website from Scratch - Sitename


Choosing A Theme: I will choose the GeneratePress theme for my demo site, by clicking on the theme image.How to Create Website from Scratch - Choosing a Theme


Site Details: Now all the site details are entered and the site is ready to be built with the click of a button. The site details are displayed here. Site name: My Demo Site, Site address: and a ?Build my website? green button is seen.

How to Create Website from Scratch - Site Details


Create Website: Simple click the ?Build my website? button and see the magic happen.How to Create Website from Scratch - Build my Site


Website Created: Wait for 30 seconds for the site building to be completed. Hooray! your website is now created. You have your own fully operational WordPress website ready. The site details is displayed here. How to Create Website from Scratch - Website Created


Check Website: Let us check the website now. Click the website link shown and your site gets opened in a new browser. Wow! my site is now ready for adding articles. How do you add the articles?

How to Create Website from Scratch - Website URL

How to Create Website from Scratch - My Demo Site


Login to Website: By Clicking the ?Login Now? button we are taken to the WordPress Admin page. Here you can edit everything on your website easily. The training inside Wealthy Affiliate platform shows you exactly how to do this step by step.How to Create Website from Scratch - WP LoginHow to Create Website from Scratch - WP Admin

There is an article posting interface inside the website builder which makes the article writing and posting to your website a breeze.

Need Any Help Creating Your Website

Wasn?t that awesome. Have you built your website? if you have not kindly go to step 1 and create your FREE website today.

If you need any help with your website, simply leave a comment below or connect with my inside wealthy affiliate via my profile there.

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  1. I have always dreamt of owing a website but it hasn’t been easy for me at all since I have little or no idea on blogging nor online marketing. I have been watching videos and attending training on how to create a nice website and I can tell you that am gradually learning how to create one. The process of creating a website you have shown looks very simple. I think I need to join wealthy affiliate to be able to create a website.

     I really do appreciate your efforts to illustrate building a website from scratch.

    • Thank you Evans for reading my post. I really appreciate it. I am happy it was useful to you. Yes, you need to be a member of Wealthy Affiliate to create your website. It is free to join and create your first website.

  2. What an awesome review you have written here on how to create a website from the scratch. Before I created my own website, I used to think that I have to be a tech guru to be able to have a website, but your inputs on siteruibx and wealthy affiliate makes it is as easy as it can get. Now I can open my own website and reach out to millions across the world. It is beautiful because one can even open the website in a few easy steps.

  3. I have two websites built on WordPress. The first site took me quite a bit of time to setup. The second one was a little easier. I have heard about the SiteRubix platform before, but the method you have followed looks like a cake walk. This is exactly the way i would like to get my site setup with least effort. Looks to be a great interface. Definitely I would choose the SiteRubix platform the next time I want to build any site on WordPress.

    • Hi Ella,

      Thank you for reading mu website creation blog post. I really appreciate it. I am happy you found it useful . Let me know if you need any help with your next website.


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