How to Find a Profitable Niche Market Online

The most difficult question any affiliate marketer faces is how to find a profitable niche market online. It is pretty obvious that if you do not build your website on a profitable niche then you don?t make any money. Do not worry; the process of finding niche which will make you money is really very simple. Many people teach you an elaborate way to find your niche making it confusing to you sometimes. I will show you a very simple process which I have been using in my business. I will illustrate the same with a couple of examples so that the whole process becomes clear to you and you can apply the same for your business. Let us first understand what a niche is?

What is a Niche?

When I search for the word Niche in the dictionary this is what I find.

How to Find a Profitable Niche Market Online - Niche

?a specialized segment of the market for a particular kind of product or service?

So it clearly shows that niche is a particular kind of product or service which people are searching online. This makes it easy for us to target those people searching for the particular product or service.

When you find a niche and create a website on that topic you have people visiting your site. But is the site you have created profitable? You need to find out if your niche is profitable, meaning – are people buying the products you are selling? This is exactly what I am going to teach you here.

Niche Ideas

When you are building your niche website you are required to write plenty of articles to get your site ranked in the search engines like Google. Don?t get scared when I say writing articles, it is pretty easy to write. I will share with you in another post some templates you can use.

It is easy to write about a topic or niche if you?re familiar with it. However, it is not mandatory. To generate niche ideas I suggest you do some brainstorming on the following.

  • Things that you do purchasing on a daily basis
  • Things that you research about
  • Things that you are interested in
  • Your hobbies
  • Things you are passionate about
  • Things that motivate you
  • Things that excite you most

From the list of ideas you have generated above make a list of the products or market segment related to each idea.

Now you have a long list of ideas from which we are going to research and find some profitable niches. To make it easy for you to understand I will illustrate with 2 examples.


The two example niches I have chosen to demonstrate from my list of niche ideas are

  1. Baby Bottle Warmer
  2. Garden Carts

Here I want to share with you something. Many people ask ? which niche is most profitable? I want to tell you something here. There is no niche which is least or most profitable. You can turn any profitable niche to your advantage by putting up a good review site and selecting the best affiliate programs.

The niche you will be selecting for your first site will not be the last niche you will be targeting. So just follow the simple process and get started with a niche of your choice. If you follow the process of building your site which I will show you in this post and other posts in my site, you will be successful. The experience you will gain in building your first site will help you build your next sites with ease. Shall we get started?

I will be using the 2 step formula to find if the niches I have selected are profitable.

Step 1: Market Research

There are many places you can check if there are buyers for your niche products. I will use for checking if there are people buying these products.

I did a search in Amazon for Baby Bottle Warmer and the following is the result.

How to Find a Profitable Niche Market Online - Baby Bottle Warmer Amazon Search

  • 3000 products available in for baby bottle warmers
  • Thousands of reviews by real customers who have purchased baby bottle warmers

Conclusion: There are enough products available for Baby Bottle Warmers which people are buying

Next I did a search for Garden Carts and following is the result.

How to Find a Profitable Niche Market Online - Garden Carts Amazon Search

  • 4000 products available in for garden carts
  • Thousands of reviews by real customers who have purchased garden carts

Conclusion: There enough products available for Garden carts which people are buying

Having ascertained that a market exists for both the niche products we have selected, we shall be moving to step 2 in our formula.

Step 2: Keyword Research

This is an important step where we will find out how often the keywords for the product are searched and how easy or difficult it will be to rank for those keywords in search engines.

There are plenty of free and paid keyword tools available online which are used by affiliate marketers to do the keyword research. The keyword research tool which I use is Jaaxy which is an awesome tool to research niches and keywords.

I have conducted the keyword research in Jaxxy for both the niches I have selected. The result of my research is displayed below.

Baby Bottle Warmer – Jaaxy Search

How to Find a Profitable Niche Market Online - Baby Bottle Warmer Jaaxy

Garden Carts – Jaaxy search

How to Find a Profitable Niche Market Online - Garden Carts Jaaxy

I will define the metrics used by Jaaxy so that you can understand clearly how to evaluate by yourself. There are totally 8 metrics used here and I will explain one by one.

  • Keyword: The niche or the product name researched
  • Avg: Average no. of searches this particular keyword receives in search engines per month
  • Traffic: Number of visits you can expect to your website if you reach the 1st page of Google
  • QSR: Quoted Search Result ? Number of competing pages ranked in Google for the exact search term
  • KQI: Key Quality Indicator ? Green is great, Yellow is ok & Red is Poor. Difficulty rating to get to the first page of Google.
  • SEO: a score based on the traffic and competition. Higher the score ? easier to rank
  • Domains: Availability of top-level domains for the keyword
  • Related: Additional related keywords you can research

Domain availability for the selected niches

Baby Bottle Warmer – Domain selection

How to Find a Profitable Niche Market Online - Baby Bottle Warmer Domain

Garden Carts – Domain selection

How to Find a Profitable Niche Market Online - Garden Carts Domain

Initial Research

Both the keywords baby bottle warmer & garden carts are good keywords to build your niche affiliate sites around. The keyword baby bottle warmer is easy to rank for whereas the keyword garden carts having a yellow KQI will be a little difficult but possible with some effort.

Top level domain .net & .org is available for garden carts and .net is available for baby bottle warmer which is fantastic!

We have a total of 20 keywords from Jaaxy for baby bottle warmers totaling an average monthly search of 1287 which is not small. Considering all keywords have green KQI there is good traffic potential.

For garden carts we have 20 keywords from Jaaxy. Totaling all the average monthly searches for the green KQI keywords it amounts to 4957 which is awesome. This is huge potential traffic to our website!

The next step would be build your website with the top-level domain available.

Step 3: Building the Websites

The next step is pretty simple. Just click the domain extension inside Jaaxy and you will be taken to Wealthy Affiliate for purchasing the domain (if you are a member) or you can go to Namecheap and purchase.

Now that my domain is ready I need to set up my hosting and build my website. It is a little long process to purchase hosting and install WordPress. There is an easy way to build your website in 3 steps if you are a member of wealthy affiliate. I have illustrated the 3 step process of building the website here.

By following this process my site is ready in 30 seconds and I can start writing my blog post and publish them.

Affiliate Programs

After building my site I will continue researching more keywords and keep writing content and publish them. Eventually some of my pages will start ranking in the search engines and I will receive a steady flow of visitors. Now getting visitors to your site will not make you money. You need to monetize the website with links from affiliate programs.

Till recently was a preferred choice of affiliate program. But if you are not happy with the low commission structure as Amazon affiliate you can search for other affiliate programs online. Simple type ?product name + affiliate programs? in Google and you will come across many programs. Do your due own diligence like products available, commission structure etc., before joining any affiliate program.

I have search Google for garden cart affiliate programs and found one which you could consider.

How to Find a Profitable Niche Market Online - Garden Carts Affiliate Program


As I start to grow my site with real content more of my pages start ranking in the search engines bringing more traffic and sales. When I have exhausted the cream of the keywords available for the particular site I research a new niche and start building a new site. This way I can build many niche sites which will earn me a steady flow of passive income.

Having many such online assets adds up to a substantial passive income. But remember it takes time to build these assets. You can check put my review of the Wealthy Affiliate which covers all the aspects of creating these passive income sites.

I hope you have enjoyed reading my post. If you have questions you can leave a feedback below and I will be happy to answer them.

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  1. I really enjoyed your article! When starting a blog, finding a niche can be the most complicated step but you explain it so well. I agree that your niche should be something you are familiar with because it makes it much easier to write about. Wealthy affiliate is a great program and I think it covers everything a beginner or even a more advanced blogger needs to start a profitable blogging business. Thanks for such a detailed post!

    • Thank you Melissa for reading my post. I really appreciate it. I am happy you found my article interesting. If you have any questions I will be glad to answer them.

  2. In internet marketing, one of the most important aspects of the business is finding the most suitable niche to use and since I have started my self there are some types of niches that are referred to as the ever green niches where one will be able to make so much on the long run. It’s a Good post you have here.

    • Thank you Riley for going through my post. You are right, there are evergreen niches which essentially do not have any fluctuating trends like the make money online niche. You can make long term passive income by choosing an evergreen niche.


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