Wealthy Affiliate Review 2020

You? most likely landed here looking for the Wealthy Affiliate Review 2020 and see if it will make you successful with affiliate marketing. Wealthy Affiliate has redefined the way affiliate marketing is done to ensure success. This is my No.#1 Recommended Affiliate Program to create wealth online. Please read my complete review before making your opinion, as I am going to give you the complete analysis of what the wealthy affiliate platform has to offer you. Thank you for staying with me. You are going to enjoy reading this review.

Achievement of fellow member Simon who reached his $1000 days

Wealthy Affiliate review - Simon Success Story


You can see testimonials of members who have made their first and initial sales later in this review.

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The History

All of us like to read about our history. Wealthy Affiliate was started in 2005 by Kyle & Carson (co-founders) successful affiliate marketers, as a platform of REAL learning for affiliate marketers.

They started with only one service providing a high quality of PPC keywords and people happily paid $360 as yearly fees as they were extremely satisfied. 15 years later the Wealthy Affiliate platform has turned into the preferred destination for beginners and experienced affiliate marketers to build and grow their online businesses for a passive income.

All this has been made possible by Kyle & Carson due to their hard work and dedication, in building a platform which provides the A to Z of affiliate marketing under one roof, and continuing to make it better and better.


This is the foundation of Wealthy Affiliate which the founders have ensured is complete in all respects. You have lessons you can read, videos you can watch at your own learning pace. Each lesson is structured so that you learn first things first.

You are given certain tasks at the end of each lesson which enhance your understanding as well keeps your progress in check. You are probably here have any difficulty you can ask your questions which will be answered by the experts (who were beginners like you) or the founders.

This training methodology has worked very well in making 1000?s of successful affiliate marketers.

There are different kinds of training available are discussed one by one below.

Core training

There are 2 types of core training available

Online Entrepreneur Certification: This is a basic course for beginners who are starting out to build and grow a website literally in any niche of their choice. This course consists of 5 certification phases totaling 50 lessons.

The 5 different certification levels are:

  1. Learning the Basics – Getting Started
  2. Creating your Asset – Building Your Own Traffic Producing Website
  3. First Step to your Goal – Making Money!
  4. Announcing Your Website to Social Media – Mastering Social Engagement
  5. Content is King – Achieving Maximum Success Through Content Creation

The first certification course is the basic course (included in the free starter membership) and gives you all the basic stuff with actionable homework to complete. This consists of 10 lessons

  • Lesson 1: Get Rolling (Learn the 5 steps ? image)
  • Lesson 2: Understanding How to Make Money Online (Affiliate marketing – image)
  • Lesson 3: Choose a Niche
  • Lesson 4: Building Your Own Niche Website (site builder ? image)
  • Lesson 5: Setting up Your Website
  • Lesson 6: Getting Your Site Ready for Search Engines (image)
  • Lesson 7: Creating Your Initial Website Content (content ? image)
  • Lesson 8: Creating Custom Menus on Your Website
  • Lesson 9: Understanding Keywords, The Start of Your Content
  • Lesson 10: Congratulations and Your Next Steps

Wealthy Affiliate Review - First10Lessons

These lessons are the beginner?s bible for starting an affiliate website and covers everything. I keep coming to these lessons to refresh my basics and highly recommend these lessons. You can imagine then the wealth of content in the remaining levels.

The certification levels 2 to 5 are advanced training to take you to the next level.

Affiliate BootCamp: This is totally focused on a niche that promotes wealthy affiliate platform. It has got one of the best affiliate commissions for promoting their own program. This training consists of 7 phases totaling 70 lessons.

The 7 different phases are as follows:

  1. Get Started ? Getting Your Business Rolling
  2. Power of Keywords – Contents, Keyword and Conversions
  3. Social Media – Giving Your Site Social Value
  4. Building a Brand – Get Visual. Get Aesthetic. And a Brand Through Media
  5. Understanding Customers – Knowing Your Audiences and Catapulting Your Referrals
  6. Learning Paid Advertising – Bing, Yahoo & The Power of PPC
  7. Scaling Up – How to Scale Successful PPC Campaigns

The getting started phase gets rolling your affiliate website to start recruiting member’s to the wealthy affiliate program. This training phase is included in the free starter membership and consists of the following lessons.

Wealthy Affiliate Review - BootCampPhase1

The Phase 1 training is just the tip of the iceberg. The training phases 2 to 7 when completed successfully will make you a seasoned affiliate of the wealthy affiliate platform. Wondering what the earning potential as an affiliate of the Wealthy Affiliate program will be? Check out the earning calculator which is provided inside the Wealthy Affiliate portal.

There are 2 examples earning potential per month shown below. You can calculate entering your own details inside the membership as shown.
Wealthy Affiliate Review - EarningCalculator

Live Training Webinars

The Core training courses are the foundation of starting your online businesses. They are not updated often but these training work even today. They are good for beginners to start their business and start earning money. To supplement these training with the latest happenings on the internet we have weekly live training by expert trainers. These are live webinars where you can participate and ask questions. You are probably here cannot attend live you can watch the replay that will be made available inside the member’s area.

Wealthy Affiliate Review - LiveTraining

Reviews of member’s who have taken some training

  • Wealthy Affiliate Review - Deborah Comment
  • Wealthy Affiliate Review - Neil Comment
  • Wealthy Affiliate Review - Adedayo Comment
  • Wealthy Affiliate - Dave Comment


Community Training by Experts

Wealthy Affiliate platform provides an opportunity to share your knowledge you have gained by experience in the form of training. It can be a tutorial, a video or a complete course. You can add training once you have completed 3 months as a Premium member.

These training from community member’s greatly enhances your skills and you can apply it to your business to get more profits. All these training is free for Paid member’s. There are no upsells at Wealthy Affiliate. Only free and Paid member’s.

There is a strict anti-spamming policy or selling policy for the community member’s and is monitored continuously. So, you are assured that you get only the genuine training material. People outside this platform pay $100?s of dollars to get such training.

Tools Required to Run the Business

Any business requires some easy to use tools to improve the efficiency. We have some great tools inside Wealthy Affiliate, that look simple but deliver reliable results every time. I will introduce you to those tools here.

Jaaxy Keyword Tool

This is an independent keyword tool used by top internet marketers. Wealthy Affiliate has integrated this with their platform and is offered for both free and paid member’s. Free member’s have a limited keyword search function of 30 per month whereas the paid member’s have unlimited keyword search facility.

This tool finds what keywords people are using to find their information on google based on your niche. Along with these keywords you are provided the following information.

  1. Average number of searches per month received ? Avg
  2. Number of visits you can receive if ranked on the first page ? Traffic
  3. Number of competing websites (lower the better) ? QSR
  4. Keyword Quality Indicator (lower the score, easier to rank) ? KQI
  5. SEO score based on competition and traffic (higher the score the better) ? SEO

A sample Keyword Search is shown below.

Wealthy Affiliate Review - JaxxyKeywordTool

These keywords are used to base your articles around. When the competition is low so is the traffic. You start with keywords which have very low competition at first and then move on to higher competition keywords as your website grows in authority. The best way to analyze your keywords using the Jaaxy tool, and how to use the keyword in your article is dealt with in detail in the training inside.

SiteRubix – The 30-Second Website Builder!

You must see it to believe the speed and simplicity with which you can build your website using this tool.

SiteRubix uses the WordPress platform to build your site. Building WordPress sites involves a series of steps to be followed and unless you have some experience you can make some mistakes. The site builder removes all hassles by building your site in just 4 steps.

  1. Choose the kind of Website (Free site in your case)
  2. Enter the Name for Your Website (Address)
  3. Pick a Look for Your Website (Theme)
  4. Click to Build Your Site

You can find the detailed steps Illustrated here.

I am yet to find an easier tool to build my websites. Now my website is ready to login and start filling with content.

State of The Art Hosting Platform

Mission at Wealthy Affiliate: Security, Speed, Reliability, Support

A hosting platform is considered good when you do not encounter any problems with the operation of your website with respect to these four factors. Meaning…

  • No Speed Lag
  • No Security issues
  • 100% uptime
  • Instant support 24/7 (round the clock)
  • No Security Issues

The security complies with the Industry standard and keeps your website protected round the
clock against any attacks and safeguards your data. You only focus on building your website and marketing and leave the hosting worries to the technical team at wealthy affiliate.

Wealthy Affiliate Review - SiteProtect

No Speed Lag

Google considers poor user experience as one of the factors in ranking your website. You do not your website visitor to go away from your site because your site loads slowly. Efficient and fast loading of your website is ensured here thanks to the years of research and development.

Illustration of the site loading speed of my website

You can see a score of 100/100 for all pages for desktop and mobile loading

Wealthy Affiliate Review - SiteSpeedDemo


The core technology is available for free member’s within the SiteSpeed Accelerated Platform and for the paid member’s within the SiteSpeed Extreme PlatformWealthy Affiliate Review - SitePlus

100% Uptime

Your website down means loss in revenue and lowered rankings in google. Wealthy Affiliate uses an expensive Redundancy feature to ensure 100% uptime. Mirrored versions of your websites are running on alternate servers which will go live if one server goes down.

Maximum uptime is ensured through redundancy, back-ups, powerful servers and real time network monitoring of all websites.

Round the clock support

Your support ticket is sent to the server administrators (server experts) directly so that they fix your issues in 5 minutes.

Here is what Starter and Premium member’s get

Starter Membership (Free): 1 website free

Premium Membership: 10 Websites (Free or your own domain)

The cost of hosting is included in your membership which includes additional caching plugins, emails, SSL or any other add-ons other hosting companies are charging for. Wealthy Affiliate has the fastest and most cost-efficient hosting platform.

Comparison with other hosting platforms with similar quality

  • Pagely (5 websites) = $199 per month
  • WPEngine (10 Websites) = $115 per month
  • Kinsta (10 Websites) = $200 per month
  • Wealthy Affiliate (10 Websites) = $49 per month! (Included with Premium)


Site Domain

You can register new domains right inside Wealthy Affiliate. Every domain you purchase includes everything for one flat price. No upsells. You get everything you need to build your sites – privacy included!

All the domains you purchased are fully integrated with the hosting account.

You can renew your domains every year at the same price and they are very competitive. For your benefit we have provided a comparison below.

Wealthy Affiliate Review - DomainComparison

World Class Support

The support system is crafted by the founders to be world-class. You can compare with the support system of any online training platform for affiliate marketers and you will agree with me that it beats the competition in all respects.

It is designed to cater to affiliate marketers of all levels whether you are just starting out or your are experienced. Everyone can benefit and grow their online business.

What makes it world-class? Unlike other platforms which provide good support, here the support is instant. You don?t have to submit a support ticket and wait for 24 hours to get a feedback. Within 5 minutes (round the clock) you get an answer and you can continue your task without any break. Isn?t that awesome?

I will show how each of the different support systems work.

Live Chat ? Real Time support Wealth Affiliate Review - LiveChat

The Live Chat is available 24/7 and no matter which part of the world you live in, it is available to you. At any point of time there are active member’s available online with a variety of experience. You post a question and, someone online who has experience with the subject, answers you. In this community every member wants to help others because when you give value you get back value. All the member’s believe in this.

Private Messaging

This is a feature I really love. You can connect with any other Premium member and consult with him for a feedback, advice on one of your projects or a specific query. You can even connect with the founders Kyle & Carson and get coached on a specific question you may have. There is no any additional price you must pay. Have you ever contacted Experienced marketers on other platforms for a one-on-one chat? They will charge you anywhere between $500 to $5000 for one hour of their time.

This kind of support is available only on the Wealthy Affiliate Platform.

Live Q&A

This is a part of the Live webinar training which we have discussed before. You are probably here are present at the Live sessions, you can ask any question and it will be answered through live video.

Website Feedback

After building your site and posting content if you need feedback on making improvements, you can use this platform to get some feedback. This works on a credit system. You must provide 2 feedback and use these credits to get one feedback. You can request for feedback on your content, site design, page layout, use of images & media or general feedback.

Training Classroom ? You Can Find all the Training here

By going here, you can select from any of the topics related to building, growing and making money with affiliate websites. You can find Tutorials, Courses, Videos, Webinars related to your topic. After going through the training, you can leave your questions below to get them answered.


Learning & Earning

I love this aspect of the wealthy affiliate system as there is an opportunity to earn while you learn to do affiliate marketing. Let us see how you can earn.

Cash Credits

(you need to be a premium member to be eligible)

Each cash credit carries a value of $0.5 and can be cashed out when a threshold limit is reached. You can earn cash credit by

Creating Training

Earn Cash Credits when training reaches a minimum level of visits, likes, and engagement. As training becomes popular you earn Cash Credits to use towards other systems within WA! You may also exchange these credits for USD!

Domain Registration

When someone you referred to WA registers a domain through our SiteDomain platform, you earn $1 in cash credits to use towards other systems in WA! You may also exchange these credits for USD!

Affiliate Credits

Referring others to WA can earn you significant commissions. On top of this, when your referrals setup their accounts by adding an image and description, you earn $1 in Affiliate Credits which can be cashed out once you reach a minimum balance

Certified Commenter

You can earn $0.5 for providing an approved comment when it is requested by another member for his published article. You must be a certified commenter to be able to earn by providing comments. You become a certified commenter when you complete a minimum of 50 comments in a 30-day period with an approval rate of minimum 80% and skip rate of maximum 20%.

I got approved as a certified commenter inside wealthy affiliate

Wealthy Affiliate Review - CertifiedCommenter

How You can use the Cash Credits?

You can use the cash credits earned by:

  • Requesting comments on your published article in your site. 2 credits for 1 comment
  • Requesting Feedback on your published article in your site. 2 credits for 1 feedback
  • Buy domains inside Wealthy affiliate. 28 credits for 1 domain

Community Credits

Community credits do not carry any cash value. You can earn 1 credit for every comment or feedback you offer to a published article of another member and you can use 2 credits to receive comment or feedback for each of your published articles.

You can earn quite a lot of money if you sign up member’s into the wealthy affiliate platform on a regular basis.

Benefits of community credits.

The commenting feature inside Wealthy Affiliate is a great advantage to all member’s. There are basically 2 benefits to this. When Google sees that you are getting comments on your article on a regular basis it gives you higher ranking. Google sees it as people liking and engaging with your content. Also, if your article consists of 1000 words and the comments have 1000 words then google will consider this as a 2000-word article. In effect, it is considered as updating of the article. Only the comments must be unique. This is ensured inside wealthy affiliate platform by checking for content uniqueness before accepting your comment.

Can You Be Successful with Wealthy Affiliate?

You are probably here want to be successful with affiliate marketing, you need to be connected with successful marketers ready to help you and learn from their mistakes. You are probably here must learn everything on your own and experience failure before succeeding will take you ages. You must be highly self-motivated to sustain this long learning period to be successful. Here at Wealthy Affiliate you get access to thousands of member’s at different levels of success. Some who have quit their jobs and earning a job replacing income. Some who are very near to their goals to quit their job. Many like you are now highly motivated with the Wealthy Affiliate system and have already created their websites and growing them.

Look at some testimonials of members who have made their first and initial sales below!

These are people who have believed in the system and worked consistently to achieve the Results!

  • Grace - Success Story
  • Hamish - Success Story
  • Heidi - Success Story
  • Paul - Success Story
  • Edward - Success Story


Yes, you can be successful with Wealthy Affiliate when you are in the influence of all those highly motivated community building their business to achieve their goals. Please remember that this is not a get-rich-quick scheme. You must work hard to reach your goals. But here a success blueprint is available which if you follow you will succeed!

My Journey with Wealthy Affiliate

I joined Wealthy Affiliate in November 2019 since it was free to join and did not work on it. In the beginning of February 2020 something strange happened. I was checking out some reviews of make money products online. To my surprise out of 10 reviews I went through 8 of them recommended the Wealthy Affiliate as the best opportunity. It was then that I took Wealthy Affiliate seriously and immediately upgraded to Premium membership. I started working on the training and started my website and made lot of friends.

Wealthy Affiliate Review - MyProfile

My site has 5 blog posts. My site is indexed in google and also all my articles are indexed. Have 3 blog posts inside wealthy affiliate. Have become a certified commenter. I provide support to members of the community and get help in return.

Have packed up all other programs where I was a member and I am focusing only on Wealthy Affiliate Platform.


Does Wealthy Affiliate create success for people?

YES, it is creating Job quitting income for thousands of people and I will reach my goals shortly.

The Wealthy Affiliate platform including all the training, tools and the community is enough to bring you success if you are serious about your business. It can help you create your wealth and make you self-sufficient whatever your goals are.

I am Waiting to Support You

I am confident that with the training and support available at Wealthy Affiliate you will be successful. New member’s generally get overwhelmed and have trouble getting started. I will be there to support you along with the founders Kyle & Carson. I will be your personal guide to help you get started step-by-step on the path to success.

My welcome message in your personal profile are will be waiting for you the moment you sign up with your started account. You must reply to me with your questions so that I can get you started smoothly, and I will be available for you whenever you need me.

All the training, tools and the awesome community inside is waiting to see your success once you join with a determination.

What are YOU waiting for?

You can continue to do what you are currently doing being in your comfort zone or step out of the comfort zone and challenge yourself to achieve the goals you have always dreamed of.

You are probably here want your life to change once for all you have to something different to make it happen. Are you willing to take that responsibility to do that something different to change your life and the life your loved ones?

If the answer is YES then create your account at Wealthy Affiliate by clicking the button below and you will be given immediate access to your membership area. My welcome message is waiting to get you started on your new journey starting today. That is all you need to succeed.


Wealthy Affiliate









  • Step by Step Training
  • All Tools to Succeed
  • Live Support 24/7
  • Upto Date Weekly Training


  • None

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  1. Good review on an awesome platform like wealthy affiliate. I am very happy to see you write this one. With my experience I can say after reading your review that it is one of the best places to learn all about affiliate marketing. Basically, one can turn ones talent into money through making commissions. The question of if a person can be wealthy affiliate had a straight answer and that is YES. It does offer a good make money opportunity. Your review is very well written. Keep it up!

    • Hi Riley,

      I appreciate your reading my review and liking it. YES Wealthy Affiliate is one of the best place to learn all about affiliate marketing and build your online assets to earn passive income.

  2. Wow! Very massive details you have shared here about wealthy affiliate. The training and the support from the community seems to be great. It is really a great place to be for anybody who wants to get involved in affiliate marketing or wishes to learn of digital marketing. This definitely is a great platform. Thanks for the wealthy affiliate review

    • Thank you Ella for going through my review. I appreciate it. I am happy you enjoyed the review. Let me know if you have any questions.

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    Your review is quite detailed and I love the direct connection each member has with the owner and also exposure to tools that can be used to better your site when you finally own one.

    • Thank you Benson for reading my review and liking it. i really appreciate it. I am happy you see some great features in the Wealthy Affiliate program which is not available in any other program.

  4. Wealthy affiliate is one of the best platforms when it comes to affiliate marketing. I have been using it for some time now and I will  tell you I have been able to achieve a lot through the training.

    One feature I love about wealthy affiliate is the hosting and domain as they are both very cheap and reliable too…I would advise everyone to try it out.

    • Thank you Feji ben for liking the hosting at Wealthy Affiliate. The hosting platform is one of the best available on the web with 24/7 support system and the average response time is 10 minutes.

  5. Hello there! This is an awesome review you’ve got here on Wealthy Affiliate. At the first time I got introduced into Wealthy Affiliate, I never knew what that little subscription I paid covered, they offered series of training which is helping a friend of mine building his website now. I love WA!

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